About Us

My obsession for car detailing started eversince I bought my first car when I turned 21. I would spend my weekend washing my car.

Long gone were the days where washing a car with a bucket, sponges and supermarket bought car shampoo. Followed with the greasy and shiny looking “amorol” on the tyres.

Time has passed, my obsession have not wandered. Frustrated with the limited options available in country, I find myself constantly chasing for other products overseas. Product comes with an exoberant shipping fees just to be able to try different products!

Those days are over. Yes, pricing are still slightly high than we want it to be. Let me assure you that we will do our best to bring the prices down.

We hope that one day, we are able to provide Bruneians with the best products from all around the world, at a reasonable price.  

To all the obssesed detailers, enthusiats and like minded Bruneians, support us so we can support you.

Thank you!