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Microfiber Applicator

Microfiber Applicator


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The CARPRO Microfiber Applicator is the perfect tool to quickly and efficiently apply any coating! The applicator is made from a non-lint, streak-free microfiber and a liquid-proof rubber sponge core which allows for minimal product waste. It's ergonomic shape ensures perfect application, thickness, and precision to avoid streaking while ensuring you never drop your applicator again with a pocket to place your fingers to securely hold the applicator while coating.


  • Prevents coating waste and makes application comfortable.
  • Designed for use on all surfaces.
  • Great with any coating, sealant or wax.


  • Length: 4" W x 5.5" L.
  • Thickness: 1".
  • Color: Orange.


  • Apply product to applicator and then apply to car as specified on product.
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