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Koch Chemie

Mp Motor Plast

Mp Motor Plast


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Koch Chemie Motorplast provides a natural gloss appearance while providing a hydrophobic water displacement dressing for engines, housings, rubber hoses, and power units of cars, commercial vehicles, and other automobiles. Treated materials and parts will regain and retain their new appearance with the use of Motorplast. Motorplast cures completely dry, leaving no greasy or sticky film, which in turn allows dirt to slide off easily. Power units protected with Motorplast will inherit corrosion and environmental resistance with an elastic protective film. 


  • Spray-on / no-wipe application.
  • 482 °F temperature resistance.
  • Daimler approved.
  • Suitable for use on dry and wet surfaces.


  1. Clean area
  2. Using a spray bottle, apply a thin, even film.
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