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Battery Operated Foam Sprayer

Battery Operated Foam Sprayer


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EVO battery operated foam sprayer is a cordless 1.8 Liter cannon for car washing and cleaning. This EVO battery operated sprayer comes with interchangeable foam and spray nozzles.

  • Battery operated foam sprayer is a foam cannon to apply detailing liquids without any water hoses, buckets, power cords, or tiring your fingers. You just need to prime, point and effortlessly shoot a fine and continuously foam on the surface.
  • A charging port at the bottom of this foam cannon. There is also a charging cable in the package, which is with USB head and compatible with all USB connector. You can charge this sprayer in your laptop, phone charger and socket freely!
  • 2 nozzles replaceable and washable, with different functions to meet your different requirements. Long one is for making snow foam, short one is for spraying liquid. Let your cleaning work become more easily and efficient. A good choice for both automobile cleaning and gardening.
  • Foam sprayer is made of HDPE material, which is more resistant to acid and alkali. A clearly engraved scale line on the bottle, and 0-1.8L large capacity can meet your daily demands. It also has quick pressure and release design, air will be pressured in the bottle with a light lift of the vent, then make dense foam.
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