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Bug Off

Bug Off


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A fast acting Insect remover for your grill, bumpers, paint, or trim!

P&S Bug Off Insect Remover Is an exceptional, industrial-strength cleaner that will make quick work of even the densest collection of insect debris! With an extremely simple spray on, rinse off application, P&S Bug Off Insect Remover will make quick work of those pesky insect remains that your car collects while driving on the highway. P&S Bug Off Insect Remover does not require any measuring or dilution, just pour into a spray bottle and get to work!

16oz (473ml) - Ready to use

Gallon (3785ml) - Dilutable 1:5 with water

Insect residue is one of the most heinous materials that your car's paint will ever come into contact with. It is extremely acidic and will eat away at your vehicle's clear coat within days! If left to sit on your car, the acids in the insect remains will etch into your car clear coat, leaving extremely noticeable marks that look similar to water spots. This is why a quick and effective bug remover like P&S Bug Off Insect Remover is crucial to make sure your car's paint remains in pristine condition.

An important aspect of a quality bug remover is its cleaning strength. If your bug remover is not strong enough, it can leave those ghastly insect acids behind Luckily, P&S Bug Off Insect Remover is an industrial strength cleaner that is definitely powerful enough to tack any amount of bug residue and remove it entirely! Given just one minute on an affected area, P&S Bug Off Insect Remover will quickly break down all residue left behind on the paint and neutralize the acids that are eat away at your clear coat. Even though P&S Bug Off Insect Remover is a very powerful cleaner, it has been proven to be absolutely safe for any car's paint!

Directions: Always wear protective gloves, goggles, and clothing when using any strong cleaner! Make sure that the paint surface is cool to the touch to avoid any issues with spotting on the paint. Spray P&S Bug Off Insect Remover directly onto the affected area. Let P&S Bug Off Insect Remover sit on the paint and clean the surface for about 1-2 minutes. Then simply rinse P&S Bug Off Insect Remover off of your paint and wash your vehicle.

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