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Iron X Snow Soap

Iron X Snow Soap


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The first step in total paint decontamination! 

When creating Iron-X Snow Soap, we imagined the time that could be saved by combining the iron-fallout removing power of Iron-X, with the cleaning and lubricating capabilities of an environmentally friendly surfactant. This idea formed the basis of one of the most versatile, and effective maintenance products on the market. By changing the dilution ratio Iron-X Snow Soap can be used as an iron-removing Snow Foam with a foam lance, with a mitten or sponge as a Shampoo, a Lubricant for clay and polymer decon products, or even a maintenance Wheel Cleaner. A true Multi-Purpose cleaner.

CARPRO IronX Snow Soap is as an excellent solution as a strong prep wash to assist in the removal of old wax, traffic film, grime, dirt, and brake dust/iron contaminants whilst providing an excellent lubricated surface during the wash cycle. Follow this prep step up with IronX to remove anything more than faint brake dust deposits.


  • Ease: Cuts through road grime & traffic film with ease
  • Safe: pH Neutral
  • Safe: High Lubricity
  • Quality: Utilizes only the highest quality cleaning agents & emulsifiers
  • Safe: Cleanses the bodywork gently with rich foam
  • Versatile: Use on paint, glass, wheels, headlights, plastic trim, & clear bras
  • Excellent on wheels (Apply gel directly to wheel and agitate the surface)


  • 1-3 ounces in your foam cannon for simple snow foaming
  • Up to 1:8 - Light iron remover
  • Do not dilute if you desire a top strength prep solution

Directions as Snow Foam: 

  • Rinse vehicle well
  • Add IronX Snow Soap to Foam Cannon
  • Set your foam cannon to provide the foam concentration you prefer
  • Snow foam your car as normal and allow to dwell
  • Wash gently but thoroughly with wash mitt
  • Rinse thoroughly

Directions as Hand Wash:

  • Rinse vehicle well
  • Apply 1 squirt of IronX Snow Soap directly to wash mitt and wash a panel
  • Move to next panel(s) and repeat (rinse mitt and apply more product as needed based on level of dirt in mitt) 
  • Allow IX Snow Soap to react but rinse off before it is able to dry on surface


  • IronX Snow Soap will affect oil base waxes by approximately 50%
  • Avoid use on fabrics.
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