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Sampler Kit

Sampler Kit


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Sample 16 CARPRO products in one groundbreaking kit!

Whether you are new to CARPRO products, or a seasoned fan who just wants to try more of the range, “The 16” sampler kit is perfect for you.

The products in this kit are all 50ml (2oz) sizes. For some this is a perfect amount for testing, while others are capable of going through 3-4 cars.

This kit should be enough to produce a full CARPRO detail on your vehicle with products for cleaning and decontamination along with interior cleaning, as well as paintwork and wheel protection.

Products Included:

  • CARPRO Bugout - Intensive bug remover.
  • CARPRO Descale - Acidic Car Shampoo
  • CARPRO Ech2o - Waterless/Rinse-less & quick detailer concentrate.
  • CARPRO Elixir - Ready to use quick detailer.
  • CARPRO Eraser - Polish & oil remover. 
  • CARPRO Hydro2 Foam - Wash and seal in one.
  • CARPRO Hydro2 Lite - Touchless spray sealant.
  • CARPRO InnerQD - Interior quick detailer.
  • CARPRO Inside - Leather and vinyl cleaner/concentrate.
  • CARPRO MultiX – All purpose cleaner concentrate.
  • CARPRO PERL - Plastic, engine, rubber, leather conditioner.
  • CARPRO Reload - Spray sealant.
  • CARPRO Reset - Car wash soap - CQUARTZ maintenance soap.
  • CARPRO Retyre - Tire & Rubber Cleaner
  • CARPRO Spotless 2.0 - Water spot remover.
  • CARPRO TarX - Tar removal.
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