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Tire Swipe Applicator

Tire Swipe Applicator


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CARPRO Tire Swipe Applicator features a handful of improvements! The denser foam provides for easier penetration of dressing into the tire surface whilst the asymmetrical radius allows for use on a wide variety of tire profiles! Nobody likes getting tire dressing on the rims or on their hands and the new CARPRO Tire Swipe Applicator avoids that mess completely! 


  • Form fit foam.
  • Durability.
  • Value.
  • Steady grip handle.


  • Quantity included: 1
  • Length: 3.75"
  • Width: 1.57"
  • Depth: Lowest point - 2.50"  &  Highest point - 3.25"
  • Handle: Black
  • Applicator Side: Grey
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