Leather Shield with Viscose Cloth

Leather Shield with Viscose Cloth


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Colourlock Leather Shield is the first line of defense for your leather after using a product like Colourlock Leather Protector. It's meant to protect your leather from abrasion and discoloration. We recommend you treat the driver's seat every three months, the rest of the leather every six to twelve months.


  1. Clean your leather with either Colourlock Mild Leather Cleaner or Colourlock Strong Leather Cleaner using a Colourlock Brush or Colourlock Foam Sponge.
  2. After the leather has dried from the cleaner apply Colourlock Leather Protector to the leather with a soft cloth. Don't use a polishing motion or you could risk making satin leather look shiny!
  3. After Colourlock Leather Protector has been applied and dried (wait 24-48 hours) you can now apply Colourlock Leather Shield the same way you applied Leather Protector with a soft cloth.

Application area: New pigmented or surface-colored leather in cars, furniture, jackets, and handbags. (Not to be used on porous leathers, suede or nubuck)

Application Tips:

Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the color.

Moisten a terry cloth slightly with ColourLock Leather Shield and let dry. Do not buff or polish immediately after application. One application is sufficient. Repeat every three months on strained surfaces. Clean off any dirt first with ColourLock Mild/Strong Leather Cleaner.

These products are also suitable for "Cool Leather/SRT (SunReflective Technology) Leather"!

Suitable for:
Pigmented leather
Semi-aniline leather

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