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Detailing Bucket 20L

Detailing Bucket 20L


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Every detailer knows one bucket is not enough—a standard wash requires three buckets:

  1. To clean your car with soapy water
  2. Rinsing dirt off the wash mitt
  3. Cleaning wheels

The wash bucket is great for storage. You can store wheel woollies, tire brushes, wheel brushes, wheel mitt, and even a fender brush. It is always best to keep a separate bucket dedicated to cleaning your wheels.

Gamma seal bucket lid snap securely onto the top of your 20L bucket, and allow for a threaded lid to seal off the contents of the bucket.

Detailing Seat Bucket Lid was designed to fit on top of this bucket!  This seat helps you stay comfortable when working low to the ground. It will fit on any of our detailing buckets found on our website.

Pair With A Grit Guard

Our wash bucket can be paired with any grit guard of your choice on our website and it helps rinse dirt off your wash mitt, sponge or pad.

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