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Dream Maker

Dream Maker


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An Intense Gloss at Your Next Car Show!

P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection - McCall's Dream Maker Show Car Gloss Amplifier, is the latest in gloss technology, formulated to amplify gloss of single stage and clear coated paints. Easy-to-use, P&S Dream Maker will bring that 'just detailed' look in the convenience of a spray. If you're ready for a deep, wet gloss that is safe on all finishes, you are ready for P&S Dream Maker.

The P&S Renny Doyle McCall Dream Maker Show Car Gloss Amplifier is a special formula created for the McCall Detailing Team during the Monterey Car Week. This product promotes the latest in gloss technology to amplify the most intense shine. It was even formulated to be used at car shows!

If you are at a car show or just want a fresh take on that 'just detailed' look, then P&S Renny Doyle Dream Maker is here to help. Use P&S Renny Doyle Dream Maker is perfect for when your paint needs that extra pop of gloss, or if you are looking for that deep, wet look. You know, the gloss that you want to show off at any and all car events.

While P&S Renny Doyle Dream Maker will make your painted surfaces look glossy, it does not provide any cleaning abilities or any surface tension, so sadly no water beading. But you will get gloss and shine, with about a week's worth of protection. P&S Renny Doyle Dream Maker is designed just for that extra glossy look for a short period of time.

Easy-to-use, P&S Renny Doyle Dream Maker comes in the convenience of a spray. But before you go about spraying, make sure your vehicle has been freshly washed, clayed and free of all contaminants. Then mist one to two sprays per panel and immediately work the product into the surface with a microfiber towel. You can use P&S Renny Doyle Dream Maker on single stage paint, clear coated paint, on top of existing protective products and even chrome and glass. However, do not let it product onto matte surfaces.

Wash, dry and clay vehicle so it is free of contaminants.

*For Dry Paint Application*

  • Mist 1-2sprays per panel and immediately work the product in with a microfiber towel.
  • Flip the towel as needed to level the product or buff off the excess.

*For Use as a Drying Aid*

  • Apply 1-2 sprays per panel and work the product with your favorite drying towel.
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