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Chemical Guys

Hanging Air Freshener

Hanging Air Freshener


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Chemical Guys 3 Pack Hanging Air Fresheners instantly revitalize and freshen any ride with three great fan favorite scents of Fresh Cherry Blast, Black Frost, and Piña Colada while showing off your pride in the brand you love with a stylish dripping Chemical Guys logo!

Awesome Hanging Air Freshener Features:
Variety pack featuring 3 fan favorite scents
Includes Black Frost, Fresh Cherry Blast, and Piña Colada Scent
Show off the brand you love with an epic dripping Chemical Guys logo
Inspired by the 16oz bottle scents you love
Can be used in the home too

Revitalize Your Vibe
Stinky ride ruining your vibe? Freshen your ride while adding tons of Chemical Guys style with the 3 Pack Hanging Air Freshener! Simply hang one of these dripping logo air fresheners from any protruding surface in your interior and let one of three delicious fan favorite scents waft through your cabin for instant olfactory rejuvenation. These hanging air fresheners don’t just smell great, they also make your ride look fresh as it smells with the signature Chemical Guys dripping logo in three great colors that show off your pride in the brand that makes your ride shine!

3 Fan Favorite Scents
Three great fan favorite scents provide three distinct experiences and one fresh ride! Feeling sweet? Fresh Cherry Blast perfectly encapsulates the sweet and sugary scent of just-picked cherries ready to be baked into a delicious home-cooked pie! Feeling cool? Black Frost delivers a bold, fresh, and enticing scent that revitalizes any car with an alluring clean and crisp scent full of determination and desire. Need a quick escape? Piña Colada Scent is the luscious mixture of cream of coconut, fresh pineapple, and a spritz of tropical vacation blended into the perfectly sweet and rich air freshener for good times anywhere!

You Asked for It
You guys loved the 16oz versions of these fan favorite air fresheners so much, we had to make hanging versions of them. Together, they make the perfect combo! Use the hanging air fresheners as an “always on” option to constantly disperse the perfect amount of fragrance into your interior and use the 16 or 4oz version for instant smell clean-ups on the go or when you need a quick burst of scent after a particularly smelly encounter. Oh, your house also stinks? Use Chemical Guys 3 Pack Hanging Air Fresheners in the laundry room, bathroom, living room, office, garage, and many more places to refresh any stinky space!
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