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ProGrip Interior Brush

ProGrip Interior Brush


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The Detail Factory ProGrip Interior Scrub Brush is a premium quality detailing brush designed to make cleaning the interior surfaces of your car a breeze.
This innovative brush that features a unique ergonomic handle with a "D" profile and a ribbed rubber grip, which provides a comfortable and secure grip, even when working in tight spaces. Ultra-soft, chemical-resistant bristles are gentle on delicate surfaces such as leather, vinyl, and plastic.
The bristles are densely packed to ensure a thorough cleaning and effective removal of dirt, dust, and grime. The brush head curves backwards for improved clearance and cleaning coverage so it is perfect for cleaning up your cup holders, shift knobs, dashboards, door panels, vents, upholstery, leather and so much more. When you are finished cleaning, just rinse the bristles clean and use the large handle hole for easy storage. Whether you are a professional detailer or simply want to keep your interior looking its best, the Detail Factory Pro Grip Interior Brush is an essential tool that will help you achieve the results you want!
  • Softer bristles than the tire brush but stiffer than ultra-soft
  • Curved head profile for better clearance
  • Rubberized Grip for maximum stability and comfort
  • Larger hole for easier storage

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