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Iron Terminator

Iron Terminator


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The most powerful iron remover in our range literally dissolves contaminants, causing them to dissolve dirt and brake dust out of the surface!

This pH-balanced formulation is irreplaceable during the decontamination process, Iron Terminator will quickly and effectively deal with metallic deposits, brake dust, road film and dirt on your car's rims, wheel arches and body paint. It has been formulated for minimal odour.

How to use the product

1. Wash off any dirt or mud beforehand. Shake well, turn the nozzle to ‘ON’ and spray around over the whole wheel from around 10 cm away.

2. Allow to dwell for 2 or 3 minutes. The transparent liquid will react with contaminated areas, and bleeds purple.
3. Agitate with a long soft brush to remove deeply embedded contamination.

4. Rinse the surface well until clean.

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