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McKee’s 37

Graphene Rinseless Wash

Graphene Rinseless Wash


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McKee’s 37 Graphene Rinseless Wash provides an eco-friendly alternative for washing your vehicle.  This hyper-concentrated formula features an ultra-refined blend of graphene-oxide ceramic resins that increase the depth, gloss, and richness of your vehicle’s paint, while simultaneously cleansing it of dirt and grime. 

Unlike a traditional wash that requires a free-flowing source of water (garden hose), McKee’s 37 Graphene Rinseless Wash only requires 3 gallons of water in a bucket – no rinsing required!  Simply wash your vehicle one panel at a time, and then dry it using a soft towel.  McKee’s 37 Graphene Rinseless Wash can also be diluted to create a ready-to-use detail spray.

McKee's 37 Graphene Rinseless Wash is our most technologically advanced rinseless wash to date.  This super-slick formula successfully combines graphene-oxide ceramic resins with our proprietary blend of surfactants that work together to clean, shine, and protect your vehicle.  Graphene Rinseless Wash is perfect for maintaining a vehicle with a graphene ceramic coating, though you can also use it on a non-graphene ceramic coated vehicle as well.  Create your own waterless wash or detail spray by diluting 1/2 ounce of Graphene Rinseless Wash into a spray bottle with 22 ounces of water.  Regardless of its application, Graphene Rinseless Wash will not streak, smear, or haze.  The finish it leaves behind will be brilliantly glossy and slick.


  1. Fill a bucket with 3 gallons of water. 
  2. Dispense 1 ounce of McKee’s 37 Graphene Rinseless Wash into your bucket of water.  
  3. Working one panel at a time, use a McKee’s 37 Big Gold Sponge to wash the panel, reloading more wash solution in the sponge as necessary. 
  4. Then, dry the panel using a Drying Towel. 
  5. Repeat this process panel-by-panel until the entire vehicle has been washed. 
  6. Dedicate a separate sponge for the wheels and tires.  

To create a ready-to-use detail spray/waterless wash, dilute ½ ounce of McKee’s 37 Graphene Rinseless Wash into a spray bottle containing 22 ounces of water.  Then, simply spray it directly onto your vehicle, and wipe clean using a soft microfiber towel.  The detail spray/waterless wash dilution can also be used as a pre-soak solution for heavily soiled vehicles, before washing them using the rinseless method. 

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