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Microfiber Madness




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After the launch of the amazing "Incredimitt" and "Incredisponge" the innovation and redefinition of wash media continues!

The Microfiber Madness "Incredi" family merges the best of both microfiber and merino wool wash mitt theories. Utilizing the well know cleansing abilities of microfiber, Madness created a special fiber blend enabling a thick "pile" to be created similar to those typically found in premium quality wool wash mitts. The IncrediPad features a thick plush pile of ultra-soft but dense microfibers designed for even the most finicky enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

A unique sponge pad was designed specifically for the new addition to absorb plenty of water from the bucket providing wash solution to be released equally over an extended period. The plush custom blended fibers are designed to remove dirt particles from your paintwork and trap them deep in the fibers until it is rinsed, minimizing the chances of swirls. Of significant importance, the Incredipad easily releases dirt particles when rinsed. The shape of the Incredipad was specifically designed for comfort while the unique fibers allow the mitt to glide smoothly across the surface.


  • Incredible quality.
  • Unique custom microfiber blend.
  • Plush microfiber pile.
  • Excellent agitation power.
  • Smooth gliding across paint surfaces.
  • Easily releases particles in rinse.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Special interior sponge material designed to hold its form over time and not warp.


  • Blend: 92% Polyester / 8% Viscose.
  • Size:  8 1/4" x 6 1/4".
  • Thickness: 2 3/8".
  • Color: Blue & white.
  • Made in Germany.


  • Thoroughly wash after each use with hose and squeeze all water from pad before placing in clean dust free area to dry.

If using machine -

  • Machine Safe on warm temp (do not wash with non-microfiber materials).
  • Use Microfiber liquid detergent.
  • Do NOT use bleach, fabric softeners, perfumes, or other additives.
  • Rinse well and hang dry or tumble dry on low heat only.
  • Store in clean covered area until next use.
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