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Optimum Polymer Technologies

No Rinse Wash & Shine

No Rinse Wash & Shine


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Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine (ONR) is another amazing product from Optimum. This remarkable formula has the ability to help you safely clean your vehicle's entire exterior without the need for rinsing down your paint afterward.

The quest to improve the original ONR formula took Optimum over one year and countless hours of testing but the results are well worth it! To use this formula simply pour 1oz of the ONR into a bucket with 1 - 2 gallons of water and begin washing. This formula uses substantive polymers which bond to the paint and protect it while washing. They provide a much slicker surface than traditional shampoos and it allows contaminants to slide off the paint with ease. This process is very safe and a highly effective method to clean your vehicle with. When you are done the paint will have a freshly detailed glow, which is noticeably improved from the first formula.

The ONR allows you to wash in the middle of winter, outside an apartment complex, inside your garage or while traveling. It can also be used as a quick detailer if you mix roughly one ounce of ONR with sixteen ounces of water. You can also be proud that this formula is environmentally safe and helps reduce water usage. All of these features have made the ONR a staple detailing product for both weekend detailers and professional detailers alike.

Additional Product Details:

  • Properly wash your car without the need for a hose or rinsing your vehicle
  • Use as a quick detailer and clay bar lubricant, mix 1oz of ONR to 16oz of water
  • Favorite product of many high end detailers
  • Perfect for detailing on the go, those living in apartment complexes, washing in the winter, mobile detailing, etc.
  • New formula launched in November 2020 with more gloss, slicker feel and it releases contaminants better.

Rinseless Car Wash

The most common use for ONR has to be as a rinseless wash of vehicles and to get the best results you are going to want to dilute it with some distilled water. The dilution ratio that Optimum recommends for the ONR as a rinseless wash is 1 oz. of ONR to 2 gallons (256 oz.) of water which is a 256:1 ratio.

Quick Detailer/Waterless Wash

Whether it’s for dust removal, a quick bug removal, or just to get some bird droppings off of your vehicle, ONR is the perfect choice for a quick detailing spray. The dilution ratio Optimum recommends is 8 oz of ONR to 1 gallon (128 oz.) of water. If you don’t need a whole gallon of quick detailing you can always reduce the ratio from 128:8 to 16:1. This would mean that if you are using a 16 oz. bottle, you would want to use 1 oz. of ONR.

Clay Lube

Before polishing your vehicle, one of the most important steps to take is to clay the surface for safe removal of embedded contaminants. Without doing this step, you are potentially leaving little particles of contamination on the paint that the polishing pad will catch, rub into the surface and cause swirl marks. You can also cause more swirls and imperfections while claying your vehicle with no lubrication, adding another notch into the belt of ONR. The dilution ratio recommendation for using ONR as a clay lube is 2 oz. of ONR to 1 gallon of water (128 oz.) If a gallon of clay lube is not needed, we can reduce the ratio from 128:2 to 32:0.50. This would mean that if you are using a 32 oz. bottle, you would want to use .5 oz. of ONR.

These are the dilution ratios that will open yourself up to a versatile product that can be used within various detailing steps. I also want to note that these ratios don’t have to be perfect, they are only a guideline to help you on your detailing journey!

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