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MTM Hydro

SGS28 Spray Gun

SGS28 Spray Gun


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This premium MTM Hydro SGS28 Spray Gun offers a Ready-to-Use solution for professionals looking to upgrade their gun with the best pressure washing accessories on the market. This SGS28 Spray Gun comes with integrated swivel, and most importantly, multiple adapter options to ensure the kit will fit flawlessly on a variety of pressure washer hoses. The all new 15mm Twist Plug adapter offers you a consolidated option to adapt to proprietary M22 fittings that, previously kept you from upgrading the stock guns provided by the manufacturer. This premium setup offers you three options to quickly connect to the hose outlet and cross multiple lines of pressure washers from commercial grade to residential washers in big box stores. Be sure to note the contents shown in the image before purchasing as your washer may have a different outlet fitting at the hose.


  • 14mm & 15mm M22 Plug adapters converted to 3/8” QC Couplers
  • Stainless fittings installed
  • SGS28 with integrated Stainless Live Swivel


  • 4,060 PSI Max
  • 320°F Max Temperature
  • 12 GPM
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