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Microfiber Madness




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The first time I used the Slogger I said to myself, there is NO way this is an all purpose towel... However it most certainly is! This is what you get when Microfiber Madness designs an all purpose towel. From perfection in design through to fabrication, inspection, and quality control, Microfiber Madness creates the best towels anywhere in the world.  With the Slogger, Microfiber Madness designed a towel that is 100% paint safe but with the cleaning power needed for the tough jobs we all deal with. With the perfect combination of softness and cleaning ability the 230gsm slogger is the perfect tool for wiping off coatings, cleaning door jambs, polishing metal, and interior cleaning and is paint safe as well.  

Target Applications:

  • Coating Wipe off.
  • Polish removal.
  • Interior care.
  • Leather care.
  • Door jambs.
  • Plastic polishing.
  • Metal polishing.


  • Paint safe.
  • Tag-less.
  • Edgeless.
  • Cleaning strength.
  • Lint free.
  • Durable.


  • Size: 40cmx40cm.
  • Blend: 75/25.
  • Gsm: 230.
  • Edge: Edgeless.
  • Color: Green or Grey.
  • Assembled in Germany.
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