Terminator Enzyme Spot and Stain Remover

Terminator Enzyme Spot and Stain Remover


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P&S Double Black Interior Cleaning System - 3 Steps:

Step 1: Terminator Enzyme Spot and Stain Remover

Step 2: Carpet Bomber & Upholstery Cleaner

Step 3: Finisher Peroxide Treatment

Removes spots and stains with ease!

P&S Terminator Enzyme uses powerful enzyme action and effective cleaning agents to eliminate stubborn soil, grease, dirt, and protein stains. The fresh scent and deodorizers in P&S Terminator Enzyme also ensure that protein stains don't leave your car smelling awful even after they are eliminated. P&S Terminator Enzyme is Step #1 of the Double Black Interior Cleaning System, but can also be used on its own for incredible stain removal!

As anyone who drives a vehicle knows, stains have a way of popping up in your interior left and right, seemingly out of nowhere. Even the most careful vehicle owner will come across 3 or 4 stains in their interior that have no earthly reason for being there. Since stains and spots can't be avoided, the only way to fight them is to properly remove them as they occur. There is no better product that can eliminate stains and spots like P&S Terminator Enzyme can.

P&S Terminator Enzyme was formulated using extremely effective enzymes that cut through soils, dirt, proteins, and grease in minutes! Protein stains are just as unavoidable as every other type of stain and spot, but they have the added misfortune of cringing an atrocious scent along with them. This is exactly why P&S Terminator Enzyme contains a fresh scent and deodorizer to not only remove the stain, but also make sure its smell doesn't linger afterwards.

While P&S Terminator Enzyme was formulated to be used in conjunction with Carpet Bomber and Finisher Peroxide Treatment, it can also be used on its own to spot clean stains and spots as they pop up.

P&S Terminator Enzyme is a ready to use product, there is no dilution required. It is recommended that the interior be vacuumed and brushed before application. Apply P&S Terminator Enzyme directly onto the stain/spot initially and then treat the entire area. Allow the product to work for about 3 minutes agitating the surface with a carpet brush. Once completed, vacuum or use a microfiber towel to dry the carpet and upholstery.

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