Pro-Blend Bottle Proportioner for Quart

Pro-Blend Bottle Proportioner for Quart


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Tolco’s Pro-Blend dispensers for quart bottles (28/400 thread) allows the user to properly proportion and dispense liquids almost anywhere.  Fits to most 16oz (473ml) to any 1000mL bottles. The simple Twist-Squeeze-Pour operation of Pro-Blend puts proper dispensing in your hands.  The variable adjustments allow for different concentrations every time.  Pro-Blend offers measurements from 0.25oz to 3oz. of liquids.

  • Easy-to-Use
    It's as simple as turn, squeeze, pour. Instantly measures from 1/4 oz. up to 3 oz. of liquid
  • Saves Money
    Reduces product waste and eliminates the need for costly proportioning systems
  • Applications
    Measures cleaning concentrates for dilution (sanitizers, disinfectants, etc.) Use with thin, flowing products only


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